The Safe Communities Coalition Executive Committee meets with the Coalition Coordinator to discuss progress and barriers, and to set the agenda for each full Coalition meeting.  The Executive Committee is the decision-making body for issues that require resolution between Coalition meetings.

The Safe Communities Coalition Policy Committee addresses policy and procedure issues for the Coalition, and prepares materials to inform public policy makers of issues related to the Coalition’s mission and vision.

The Safe Communities Coalition Budget Committee is responsible for overall policy matters relating to the budget and for coordinating the preparation of the budget itself.

The Safe Communities Coalition Youth Council is comprised of youth from throughout Union County.  The Youth Coalition develops and produces peer messaging and social media targeting youth alcohol and tobacco prevention. The Youth Coalition will identify, organize and host age-appropriate, drug-free, adult supervised alternative activities to prevent alcohol and tobacco use.

The Safe Communities Coalition Drug Free Relay Committee plans, promotes, organizes and oversees the annual Drug Free Relay.

The Safe Communities Coalition Prevention Messaging Committee is responsible for promotional materials, messaging and community awareness campaigns supporting the goals and activities of the coalition.

The SPF Advisory Council provides support, input and direction regarding the local Strategic Prevention Framework project facilitated by the Center for Human Development (CHD)

Other short term committees are formed as the need arises. We have committees to plan for the fair booth, for community forums, educational events, family meal day, red ribbon month and other events and activities.

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